Favourite places

I’m sure a lot of my favourite walking locations in the UK will be shared with many of you. There are so many great places to ramble though, that some are less popular or even overlooked by all but those who live there. No apologies for inclusions or omissions – just favourites.

Snowdonia is more than Snowdon

What makes Snowdonia such a joy, is that it's much, much more than Snowdon - a fact missed my many. Of course, the ascent of Snowdon itself, or Yr Wyddfa, is a marvellous day out - if the weather is not too bad. There's a multitude of possible routes - some very...

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Mam Tor – Derbyshire

It's only around 517 m high, but Mam Tor has all the appearance of a proper mini-mountain. The fun starts even before you begin the ascent. If you start from Castleton, a little gem in itself, the limestone gorge of Winnants Pass makes an awesome approach. Caves...

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Flat can be fun too

When you think classic walking in the UK, all the high places spring to mind - Scotland, the Lakes, Wales, Peak District etc. They've all got lots of bumpy bits. But lowlands can have a lot going for them too. I moved from the North down to Essex, and you don't get...

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Writtle Forest

One thing that makes walking in the UK such a joy, is the variety. I unashamedly admit to loving hills, but forest and woodland provide constantly changing landscapes throughout the year. In the summer, full foliage creates a closed environment of tunnels and...

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Love limestone walking

I've always loved limestone scenery. It's amazing how mildly acidic rainwater can sculpt massive landscapes. Caverns, potholes, gorges and cliffs - so much to see and enjoy. Not to mention enigmatic dry-valleys, rivers that disappear only to pop up again...

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Staffordshire Moorlands

Staffordshire is often overlooked as a destination, (which for me is one of its charms). The Staffordshire moorlands is a great walking area, blending into its more famous neighbour - the Peak District. As boy we used to make the trip from Manchester to enjoy a day...

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